Dr Matthias Mayr will be CEO of OAC from April 2022

Dr Matthias Mayr will be CEO of OAC from April 2022
"Matthias is exactly the right person for the job, he is unconventional, thinks in an interdisciplinary way and networks. Matthias is economically minded and without losing touch with the guidelines and conditions of a globally operating NGO. Matthias and I already know each other from the time when I was not yet diagnosed with cancer. I have always liked his way of approaching and implementing things. There is no "what to do if it doesn't work", this is the thinking that connects us. It doesn't work, simply doesn't exist. I have full confidence in his work. We represent the same values, as athletes and as humans, and with OAC we have the greater good in mind on a global level," Petra Thaller, Founder & President OAC.

Dr. Matthias Mayr studied Sports Science and Prevention/Recreation.
  • His PhD degree followed in 2008
  • In the years between 2005 and 2009 he worked at the Landesklinikum Krems at the Institute for Preventive and Applied Sports Medicine.
  • From 2009 to 2021 Matthias was a full-time professional athlete in the field of extreme skiing/freeride, acting in a multiple role as athlete, film producer, director. 
  • 22 film awards and 4 expeditions to the most remote and coldest regions of our planet later, Matthias founded the startup 
  • Since 2016, Matthias has been active as an ambassador for OAC;
  • in 2021 he accepted the invitation to join the OAC Advisory Board, now comes the next step...

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