International OAC Ski Team participates on Born2Ski-Race in Bosnia Herzegovina

International OAC Ski Team participates on Born2Ski-Race in Bosnia Herzegovina
What happens when good passions come together?
In the past years, OAC has proven that it was often the different, unconventional, and also courageous approaches that have moved OAC forward in its own country, as well as in Europe and internationally.
 The contact with Nijaz Memic, the coach of the Paralympic Ski Team, came about in 2020 during a ski race, the Göttfried Inclusion Cup, a ski race at Lake Tegernsee - which, as we know, did not take place due to the Corona Pandemic.
Petra and Nijaz stayed in touch all this time. Currently, a European consortium is working with OAC on a Capacity Building in Sport project proposal to advance cancer prevention in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
Nijaz had the idea to send an OAC team to the international Born2Ski race. 

Thought, done: Here are the skiers who are competing there in a team for a good purpose: 
“When I got the invitation to become the part of OAC team, I had absolutely no dilemma, that should I be part of one great organization. The slogan of OAC #stayfitgethealthy, is also my mission, the second very important part is to be a participant in projects that help people around the world. In addition, as a Paralympian and a person with a disability, I have an obligation to be available to those who are seeking for their place in society. Some of my friends have lost the battle with cancer, some of them are still fighting and that is one more reason why I want to be part of the OAC Advisory Board.   
I am extremely physically active with many years of experience and education; I can make a modest contribution to the OAC mission and vision. At the end, even if I might have said this at the beginning, Petra Thaller is the person who inspired me to become part of one big, humane, and humanitarian OAC mission.” Nijaz Memic
"I have been active as an ambassador since OAC was founded in 2015, and I have been on the OAC Advisory Board since 2021. I haven't raced classic ski races for decades, but of course I'm very happy to be part of the OAC team in this event for a good purpose!" Matthias Mayr
“When Nijaz came up with the idea of an OAC ski team, I was immediately excited, even though I haven't raced in what felt like 100 years. For the good cause, that's not quite so important. Since the decision, I have noticed that my ambition has not really diminished over the years. So, let's go for it and do good with our participation and be an inspiration for all who have to and want to overcome hurdles and obstacles in their lives.” Petra Thaller
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