OAC Europe: Strong Green Cooperation In Greece

OAC Europe: Strong Green Cooperation In Greece

Statement Kostas Kalogranis, Chairman of the Green Party, Greece
"The Green Party of Greece is committed to the ecological transformation of society at all levels. It is clear and scientifically proven that the environment has a dominant influence on the health of citizens. We see and experience this every day with the pandemic and with climate change. For future generations, all this will be a great challenge. In this context of thinking, we are joining forces with organizations that share the same philosophy as we do. OAC Europe has proven with everything this organisation has achieved for Europe so far that humans and nature complement each other perfectly and belong together. For health, which is our most precious asset, this is directly related to the environmental policy that the Green Party of Greece stands for! This is why we support OAC Europe."

Statement Nikos Papadakis: Chairman of  the Go Green Foundation Theofrastos, Greece
 "The Go Green Foundation Theofrastos is the body for the scientific documentation and dissemination of green strategies. One of the axes we deal with is the relationship of environmental policies to the improvement of citizens' health. We like to work with relevant bodies that have the same vision, that's why we decided to support OAC Europe. Because climate change is reality, not fake news. We work for a healthy, green nature!"

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