OACCUs Partners Meet in Palermo

OACCUs Partners Meet in Palermo
Together for a Healthier Future
OACCUs: Empowering Youth Cancer Survivors and Their Network 
Funded by the EU4Health Programme, OACCUs is on a mission to empower young cancer survivors, their families, and friends towards a healthier lifestyle. A collaboration of partners from six European countries seeks to build a supportive network for youth cancer survivors. 
On October 4th and 5th, CEIPES in Palermo hosted a pivotal two-day meeting for the OACCUs project. Partners seized the opportunity to exchange updates, insights, and strategies, advancing the project's goals. 
The OACCUs Toolbox: Enhancing Support for Cancer Survivors 
A highlight of the meeting was a comprehensive discussion on the OACCUs toolbox. This resource hub, central to the project, equips cancer survivors and their support networks with essential tools. Enhancements to user-friendliness and accessibility were explored. 
Tailoring Support: Addressing the Needs of Young Cancer Survivors 
The meeting delved into the status of literature reviews and scientific insights into end-user needs. This knowledge forms the foundation for tailoring project offerings to the unique preferences of young cancer survivors. 
Empowering Ambassadors: OACCUs' Ambassador Training Program 
A pivotal aspect of the meeting was the introduction of the Ambassador training program. This program plays a key role in preparing individuals to become ambassadors for the OACCUs project. 
Sustainable Impact: Ensuring OACCUs' Long-Term Success 
Sustainability is a cornerstone of the OACCUs project. Partners dedicated time to strategize ways to ensure the enduring impact of OACCUs initiatives, safeguarding a positive influence for the future. 
Exploring Palermo's Rich Culture: A Bonding Experience 
Amidst productive meetings, the consortium took a cultural excursion, immersing themselves in Palermo's rich heritage through a guided tour of the Teatro Massimo. This experience not only enriched their understanding but also strengthened their collaboration. 
OACCUs: For a Lasting Impact on Youth Cancer Survivors' Well-being 
As the OACCUs project advances, its commitment to empowering and supporting young cancer survivors remains steadfast. The consortium's collaborative efforts are poised to create a lasting and positive impact on the health and well-being of its target audience. 
Author: Sara Vivirito 

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