tentree - OAC Partner Garment

tentree - OAC Partner Garment

We are proud of our garment partner tentree!

OAC connects exclusively with companies and other organizations that have chosen Planet and People equally. Partners who support us in living up to our motto: TOGETHER OUT OF THE WOODS! live up to it.  That's why we chose TenTree!


tentree Mission:
As environmentalists, our mission is to guide you along the way and support you in your efforts to protect the environment. You don't have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make a difference. It's the little things that matter: Ride your bike to work, bring your own tote bags to the grocery store, and buy an article of clothing, thereby enabling ten trees to be planted - all of these little things add up. Especially when millions of other people start doing the same.

With tentree as our garment partner, we're getting a little closer to creating a greener, healthier, more livable, better planet. Because that's exactly what we need to meet OAC's goal of a healthier lifestyle and the prevention of cancer that comes with it. Our goal a fairly simple one: Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention through outdoor activities and sports. For this goal, we need, among other things a healthy environment.
 This right is at the heart of the international approach to human rights and climate change. International agreements that support this right include the 1972 Stockholm Declaration, the 1992 Rio Declaration, and the more recent Global Compact on the Environment. Source: The Case for a Right to a Healthy Environment. Human Rights Watch. 2018-03-01. retrieved 2021-02-10.

The Health And Environmental Alliance (HEAL) goes further: 
If Europe really wants to beat cancer, it needs to drastically reduce environmental pollutants and action its Zero Pollution ambition.

Prevention of cancer is one of the key factors of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan:
Prevention through actions addressing key risk factors such as tobacco (with the aim to ensure that less than 5% of the population uses tobacco by 2040), harmful alcohol consumption, environmental pollution and hazardous substances. Additionally, a ‘HealthyLifestyle4All' campaign will promote healthy diets and physical activity. 
tentree: 1 billion trees by 2030
TenTree has planted over 30 million trees in 8 countries to date. For every product you buy from TenTree, 10 trees are planted, for which the company works with non-profit organizations around the world. The goal: to plant trees and rehabilitate natural ecosystems. A mission that fits well with OAC Europe & beyond.
But climate neutral is not enough.
With tentree you can also offset your carbon footprint by planting trees. With the Climate+ packages +-Paketen you compensate for example:
Long showers (€8.45 -4.0 tons of CO2, trees: 27), or the carbon footprint of your four-legged pet (€15.45: -8.4 tons of CO2 55 trees: 55).

In addition to these Climate+ packages, you'll also get useful recommendations on what you can do on a small scale to make an immediate difference:
· Turn the thermostat down two degrees.
· Wear your clothes more than once before you wash them.
· Ditch the car and walk, bike or take the bus.
· Switch to LED light bulbs and smart home appliances.
· Buy local seasonal fruits and vegetables at the greengrocer's around the corner.
· Store food in beeswax cloths instead of plastic containers.
· Always use reusable bags, cups and cutlery.

 More news about the partnership will follow soon. CLICK HERE for tentree

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